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Henry Hikes To Fitchburg D.B. Johnson

Henry Hikes To Fitchburg

D.B. Johnson

Published 2001
ISBN : 9781555929756
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 About the Book 

I thought I was in trouble with this book when I saw Henry David Thoreau depicted as a bear on the cover of the book, but I decided to read it anyway. This book, and the series it’s a part of, was recommended to me because I’m a fan of Thoreau’s.Oh, I was so wrong to judge a book by its cover. I thought that this book was wonderful. It’s a terrific introduction to Thoreau and his ideas for children ages 3-7. It’s also simply an entertaining story.The story comes from a quote that is in Thoreau’s book Walden and in the back of the book there is an author’s note about Thoreau, his contemporaries/friends, and Walden and its quote. I appreciated the extra information. I think it should be read to all but the very youngest children.The story itself is wonderful on its own though. It’s interesting, has some suspense, and it has a great message without it hitting the readers over their heads with it. Yes, there is more than one way to accomplish something, to get somewhere. The whole story is really funny and engaging. The last line is particularly amusing.I will definitely consider reading other books in this series.Oh, and I reread it, decided I liked the illustrations much, much better than I did during my first reading, and upped my star rating to 5 from 4.