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Verse from the High Sierra K. Kyle Atkins

Verse from the High Sierra

K. Kyle Atkins

Published May 7th 2012
Kindle Edition
159 pages
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 About the Book 

If you smile when you remember play-camping with a blanket over a chair, this is your book. The volume takes you off-trail, back to carefree times and paints a hundred close-up word-images celebrating the alpine environment while scattering a few clues regarding the inexplicable motivations of mountaineers.Kyle Atkins was infatuated with mountains long before he gained the resources to explore them. If we had to pick a time true love began, it might be at age 16 on October 17th 1958. The nurse seemed to think the entire Junior Class had lice, and most were sent home dusted white with DDT powder. Kyle and three friends pointed at each other’s hair, laughed and promptly headed to the mountains for three days of backpacking and fishing.In the 50-plus years since, Kyle has soloed, partnered, and led expeditions including some with brides, babies and Boy Scouts. In the course of it he has climbed all the Sierra summits above 13,000 feet and all the summits of the crest from Donner Pass to Walker’s Pass. These adventures backdrop lyrics presented with humor, observation, parody, reverence and irreverence.